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The ABHI Counseling and Therapy Centre reopened on the 14th March 2022. We immediately went in full gear with all our old students and many new children. We have 29 children on our rolls with a home based program for those children who are unable to attend. We welcomed Vinita into our staff, as our new Physiotherapist.

All activities resumed immediately and we have already had an Ayurveda camp and a Dental Camp (IGMC) for the children. Yoga guidance and medicines are already being extended by the Ayurveda Department of the HP government.

We are all excited and looking forward to a busy and fruitful year ahead!

Today ABHI celebrated world disability day. We have come a long way 😊

The government wanted to be part of our day, we had 19 ABHI children attending , 15 special children from government schools along with their teachers, BRC - Simla and BRC- Kasumpti attended the function.

The children participated in various games, a colouring contest as well as happy dancing feet! They loved every part of it 😊

We were very happy to have the government officials be part of our celebrations and are grateful to the BRC who donated ₹2100/-

ABHI Day was celebrated by the children, parents and staff, on 23rd November at the Centre. We have completed 17years and the journey has been a fulfilling experience.

The Centre reopened on 7th November, and has immediately become fully functional...back to old times once again with God's grace!

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