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The following are the main objectives of ABHI

1. To work for the overall welfare of mentally and physically challenged children/persons.

2. To undertake comprehensive, holistic and sustainable programmes for the proper rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged children/persons.

3. To create the proper infrastructure for the rehabilitation of the mentally challenged.

4. To create awareness among the masses, press, parents of special children and government agencies.

5. To impart training to, and empower the parents and caregivers of challenged children to better care for them.

6. To network with all concerned agencies like the State and Central government, and NGO's associated with disabilities, for bringing about the integration of the handicapped into society.

7. To create self help groups amongst the mothers and other disadvantaged women for financial empowerment and social security.

With the expertise and experience we possess implementing the said objectives should be a matter of time. Moreover this is a neglected area with hardly any organizations working towards making the Disabilities Act 1995 a reality.

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