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The children participated in the International Yoga Day. Here is Anirudh Bharadwaj following Online Yoga.

As one of the results of the pandemic and the lockdowns, we have decided to go online. All activities of the Centre and decisions taken by the members of ABHI or the staff will be available on the website and the Facebook page of ABHI. It will function as an open forum for the members to share their views, and have a complete update on all the happenings at the Centre.


Due to the pandemic the Centre closed on 16th March. The staff was in touch with the children and their families providing all possible support and assistance. Demands for medicine, diapers, ration and fruit were provided by ABHI to all families in need. Home visits were made by the staff to ensure that all the families enrolled with us were provided for. Children were also given colouring books and pencils on ABHI Day.

During the year the staff and some staff children, came to the Centre twice a week (after July) to do candle making, some vocational training with kitchen work and paper bag folding. The administration and the paper work of the Centre was also attended to. Thus the Centre, it’s staff and children stayed fine through the year.


We returned to another pandemic year. After opening briefly in March, the Centre had to close down once again due to the government lockdown. We have been working on a new website in the meantime. We had a staff meeting on 22nd June, when it was decided that from July we would have the staff and some of the staff children come to the Centre on Mondays and Fridays. They will take care of the place, the equipment, and use the time for candle making. Medicine and rations are being distributed to all the children in need. We have been providing support wherever and however possible through the COVID crisis.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Ms Kamini Zohra Mustafi, for her constant guidance and support in the establishment of ABHI. Her blessings have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement during the formation and journey of ABHI.

Ma’am we will remain ever grateful to you for the love you so generously showered on us.

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